My singular practice of portraiture could be described as another way to connect between people. I propose encounters – drawing sessions in which the contact and discovery of the other takes place simultaneously with the painting. In contrast to the traditional live model class, these sessions are the occasion for often intimate and profound conversations between artist and model, adding an emotional dimension to the moment produced. These sessions are conducted in the nude.


Another way to connect through art

My live model practice could be considered as a detour from the typical « date ». By deconstructing the relationship between model and artist in this way, I introduce a new way of sensual connection, far from the recurring codes of highly sexualized seduction, especially in the homosexual community.

“Nudity is the best clothing for sharing vulnerability”

Exposing oneself, literally and figuratively, is a therapeutic experience for many of the people I meet.

Society often tells us that being naked is all about sex. I believe that naturism is an exhilarating way to feel freedom and build self-acceptance in our beautifully unique body. In my practice, I am also convinced that it puts the model and the artist at the same level of vulnerability and help remove our shield and brings us a deeper connection.


The intimate relationship and the exposed vulnerability of these sessions give rise to unique moments, which I capture through sketching. The resulting works are simply traces of these moments. They bear witness to their beauty, intimacy, sharing and the relationship of trust established between the two partie.


This project is only made with live models, I do not paint through pictures.

I am used to painting in various environments, whether it be in nature or at the model’s place. I take advantage of painting in different environments, as I believe it nourishes my inspiration and creativity.


I use fine Art paper, and my fine art supplies to paint. Watercolor is the medium most often used in this series. Its use is justified by its ease of handling and, depending on the technique used, allows for spontaneity and the uncontrollable, helping to capture the atmosphere and the moment.


I do at least 2 paintings a session. Each pose is 20 to 30min.


My nomadic lifestyle makes me travel a lot and I am able to connect with model globally.  If you are interested to be part of the project, we can still connect and discuss about the possibilities we have to meet.

I travel often through the european cities in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. You can easily know where I am located on my Instagram page.

If the location is not fitting, I can offer to paint through Zoom Video Call.



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