Dmarcaje / Martin D

More interested in the moments shared and the ideas developed than in the end result, I navigate my own artistic path through projects that explore shared occasions, intimacy, atmosphere, desire, and memory – in short, the relationships we have with others.

Autodidact, I decided to dive deeper into my art after completing a master’s degree in architecture. My journey has been marked by a nomadic lifestyle, where I’ve crossed paths with people from around the world, volunteered for NGOs, and crafted my own adventures. Artistic creation and drawing have always been integral to my life, but it was during my travels that I began to improve my skills, particularly in painting, as I kept travel diaries and sketched the people I met. I settled in Brussels for several months to work on my projects in a studio and at the Academy of Art in Brussels, under the guidance of my mentor, the artist Khaled Takreti.

Connecting Bodies Through Art:

Painting from live models is a significant aspect of my work. Bodies, whether my own or those I desire, serve as a constant source of fascination and creative exploration. My portrayal of nudity is focused on deconstructing the traditional model-artist relationship and challenging taboos surrounding sexuality and desire. Lines, colors, proportions, emotions, spontaneity, atmosphere, and expression are the driving forces behind my artistic research.

Draw me like one of your french boy is a project I started in 2020. It talks about the intimate relationship I built with my models and questions our way to connect with each other in the gay community.

– 2019 École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Nancy – Diplôme d’Etat d’Architecte, Nancy, FR

– 2017-18 Krakowska Akademia – ERASMUS at a University of Architecture and Fine Arts; Krakow, PL

– 2020-22 Académie des Arts de Bruxelles ; Brussels, BE

– 2020-22 Mentor: Khaled TAKRETI – Classical exercises, learning painting techniques, critical contributions; Brussels, BE


– 2023 « Janaprabhat » School, Responsible for the realization of different murals, designed the playground and the landscaping of the school, as part of a humanitarian mission with the NGO « All Hands And Hearts »; Hariharpurgadhi, NEPAL

– 2022 « The Lynx Run », Residency with Robert Van der Zee; Big Rapids, Michigan, US

– 2022 « Marché des créateurices sur la Comète », Queer group exhibition, La Comète; Brussels, BE

– 2021 « Anthropométries » – Painting performance with Victor Lacôte – La Comète; Brussels, BE

– 2021 « La Robe Bleue », subject of a documentary about an artist and his studio by Lewis De Cooman; Brussels, BE ??

– 2021-22 « Spectacle sur la comète » (three editions) – Creation of a space for experimentation and performance for all – participation, organization, communication, stage management; Brussels, BE

– 2021 « Paulo Freire » School, Landscaping Project Manager for children’s playgrounds as part of a humanitarian mission with the NGO « All Hands and Hearts »; Santa Marìa Tonameca, MX

– 2020 « Manakamana » School, Responsible for the realization of a fresco on inclusivity and diversity as part of a humanitarian mission with the NGO « All Hands And Hearts »; Hetauda, NEPAL

– 2019-23 Sketch artist and portrait painter, painting/therapy service.

– 2017-23 Live model, collaborations with photographers and artists