Portraits in South Asia

While traveling through South Asia, I captured the portrait of people I encountered on my journey. This included locals, fellow volunteers from the NGO I was collaborating with, children, and friends I met during my travels. I ultimately created dozens of portraits, which I gave to each person I sketched. I also made sure to capture a photograph of each one, preserving the memories of our encounters.


This experience, along with the improvement of my watercolor technique, allowed me to share a unique and intimate connection with these individuals. For me, it felt like a mutual exchange of vulnerability. They graciously shared their own essence with me through their portraits, and in return, I shared the way I perceived them through my eyes.


Each portrait is connected to a special moment as well. My birthday celebration with Meenal in Auroville, India, the entertaining tea time spent with the neighboring kids Smriti, Aayusha, and Aayush in rural Nepal, the delicious typical food that served Mani in Chettinad, India and the chai shared with Sabir, the owner of a jewelry shop in Hampi… These portraits serve as the perfect vessels for preserving these precious souvenirs for ever.