My Figurative Nude Art Journey

My artistic journey began with architectural studies in 2014. I attended to academic live drawing classes where I learn the basis of the representation of the human body.

Later on, I embraced life modelling first in photography,  becoming a subject for photographers worldwide. I enjoyed a lot being involved in their artistic creation, adding my imput as a subject.

Then I worked and posed for students in art schools during my late college years in 2018. I was inspired by the students’ enthusiasm for painting as I posed, reigniting my interest in pursuing figure drawing once more.

Anonymous artist
Anonymous artist
Anonymous artist
Artist : Bert Van Pelt
Artist : Nicolas Dumas
Artist : Robin Langelier

The end of my studies and then the COVID-19 pandemic pushed me to explore painting, with a focus on nude models with friends, lovers and virtual Zoom sessions. What truly inspired me was the connection I formed with the subjects when I drew them. This connection ignited my creativity and added an intuitive dimension to my art.

2020 - Studies of friends, lovers and models on Zoom sessions.

Florent 2 - 2021

Why only male bodies in this particular project?

Besides my personal attraction to the male figure, this preference emerged after attending drawing classes primarily featuring female bodies, often considered more conventionally beautiful, which, to me, was a reflection of our society’s tendency to glorify and over-represent the female form, a product of our patriarchal norms. I felt that the beauty of the male body deserved equal recognition. 

Additionally, I was interested in connecting with other queer men in a way that went beyond the stereotypical focus on sex prevalent in the gay community.

Another way to the traditional life drawing sessions

As my skills and confidence grew, I began reaching out to strangers on social media and dating apps, inviting them to pose for me. My goal was to deepen my skills, forge connections with others, and express myself through art. This unconventional approach challenged the traditional life drawing sessions I was accustomed to, providing a unique way for me to connect with fellow queer individuals worldwide. 

Through this process, I try to capture their natural and vulnerable beauty in my art.

My exploration of life drawing gradually transformed into a self-funded artistic project. While my work often explored themes of eroticism, it blurred the lines between nudity, sexuality, and art, challenging social and academic conventions. What started as a personal endeavour soon evolved into a structured practice, where I organized sessions and found models, some of whom were willing to pay for my work.

As a nomad, I seamlessly integrated my artistic practice into my global travels, drawing inspiration from diverse landscapes and cultures. Nonetheless, I attended for a few months the classes of illustration and painting with live models in the Academy of Arts of Brussels, to learn more skills in this field.

In 2023, I ventured into video creation, adding a dynamic dimension to my art while exploring themes of eroticism on the platform Onlyfans.

This journey is a unique exploration of the human form and of the endless ways of artistic expression. I intend to liberate gay art, breaking free from the fear of expression and challenging the notion of whether nude art is inherently vulgar.