Inclusivity and Diversity Mural for Manakamana School

In 2020 before the pandemic, I was volunteering in Nepal to rebuild a school near the city of Hetauda with the NGO « All Hands And Hearts ». I had the opportunity at the end of the construction process to be in charge of the Mural for the playground of the kids. Knowing the context and the environment I was working in, I decided to work on the topic of inclusivity and diversity, to show them that the world is full of colours.

You can be a woman and be a mason or a surgeon, you can be a man and like flowers or wear high heels, you can be disabled and do sports. It is a message of love, all bodies and differences are beautiful.

First step : Student posing for another character
Second step : Painting the characters
First step : Mason posing for a character
Third step : Background of colours
Fourth step : Outlining the characters
Panoramic view of the final piece before the varnish
Day of the Handover : the Kids discover the Mural !
The team that helped me complete this Mural !

I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to use my art for this cause. I hope this mural opened the mind of some kids and allowed them and the community to see and accept more the differences of each others.